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Johann Engel Binckes birth recorD FOUND

Johann Engel Binkes was the progenitor of the our Binkes/Bankes family in America. He came to the new world sometime prior to 1756. In an earlier article I examined how in some research he is mistaken for Johann Engel Bacher who arrived at the port of Philadelphia in October, 1763.

In an exhaustive search of German parish records, I found an entry for a likely match of Johann Engel Binkes. The record was transcribed as "Johann Engelberth Binckes." He was born in 1704 and baptized the 27th of November in the town of Zeppenfeld . The parents were Philipp Binckus and Maria Eva.


Phillip Binckes u. Maria Eva zu Zeppenfeld ein Jung

sohn ----, gevatter, Johann Engelberth Scheel u.

Johannes Mohr, godl Catharine, Henrich Entenerich tochter

u. heisst, Johann Engelberth.

Source: Kirchenbuch 1702-1714 Band 6, Evangelische Kirche Siegen, Siegen, Westfalen, Preussen. Accessed on and (FHL 597048)

Zeppenfeld is located near the city of Siegen in the current state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, not far from the board with Rheinland-Pfalz.

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