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Grandpa Kleinert

Carl John Kleinert (18 November 1919 - 23 April 1989)

Carl Kleinert

Today, 23 April 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of my Grandfather's passing. My Grandmother Jeanne, who joined him in eternal life last May, would quietly mark the day each and every year without fail. Above is one of her favorite photos of him which was placed, for as long as I can remember, by her living room chair.

This year, 2019, also marks the 100th anniversary of my Grandfather's birth on 18 November 2019. He was born in Memmingen, Germany to Jakob and Anna (Schwarz) Kleinert. At about the age of 6, he came to America through Ellis Island.

In honor of this anniversary, in his memory, I am planning to curate a picture book containing pictures, documents, letters and more, covering his life and the history of the Kleinert and Schwarz families.

Calling all family and friends

Help! If you have pictures, documents, letters, postcards, or memories to include in the book PLEASE share with me! I am hoping to make this as comprehensive as possible.

Send high quality scans/copies to

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