Early Unangsts, Ancestors of Georg Heinrich Unangst

Grave of Georg Heinrich Unangst, St. Luke's "Old Williams" Cemetery, Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania

1. Johann Unangst is the earliest known Unangst ancestor of Georg Heinrich Unangst. Not much is known about him, except that he lived in Sindolsheim. He had one known son:

2. i. Adam Unangst

2. Adam Unangst was born around 1650, probably in Sindolsheim. In May of 1685 he married Barbara (Keilbach) Müller, widow of Johann Müller, in Bödigheim. Their marriage only lasted five years because of his untimely death in September of 1690 in Bödigheim. His death occurred only three days prior to the birth of his second son, who was named Adam. In addition to one step-son he and Barbara had two children:

i. Johann Müller (step-son)

3. ii. Peter Unangst

iii. Adam Unangst

Barbara (Keilbach) Müller-Unangst later married Johann Christoph Hartmann in March of 1691 in Bödigheim. She died in July of 1727 at the age of 74 in Bödigheim.

3. Peter Unangst was born in February of 1687 in Bödigheim. He married Maria Barbara Kampp, daughter of Georg Kampp, in February of 1712 in Bödigheim. Peter died in the same place in May of 1738. His wife Maria Barbara also died in Bödigheim in March of 1757. They had the following known children:

i. Johann Michael Unangst (twin)

ii. Peter Unangst (twin)

iii. Veronica Unangst

iv. Maria Catharina Unangst

4. v. Georg Heinrich Unangst

Signature of Georg Heinrich Unangst from his arrival in Philadelphia on the ship Patience in September 1749.

4. Georg Heinrich Unangst was born on the 19th of April, 1723 in Bödigheim. Around 1747 he married Elisabeth Margaretha Heuter, daughter of Johann Thomas Heuter and Anna Margaretha Ulrich. Due to a gap in the parish marriage records the exact date is not known. Please see research the discrepancies below for greater detail on the misinformation surrounding the identity of his first wife. In 1749, Georg Heinrich, his wife Elisabeth Margaretha, and their son Johann Bernhardt journeyed to the new world, arriving in Philadelphia on the ship Patience, in September of 1749. Elisabeth Margaretha died on the 2nd of July 1771 in Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

Grave of Elisabeth Margaretha (Heuter) Unangst, St. Luke's "Old Williams" Cemetery, Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Georg Heinrich Unangst remarried around 1772 to Anna Rosina (Retscher) Hering, widow of Peter Hering. About the same time Georg Heinrich's first son Johann Bernhardt Unangst married his new step-mother's only known child and daughter, Anna Rosina Hering. Georg Heinrich Unangst died on the 2nd of July 1803. Both he and his first wife Elisabeth Margaretha are buried together at St. Luke's "Old Williams" Cemetery, in Williams Township. Georg Heinrich's second wife Anna Rosina died on the 14th of April, 1806 at the age of 78. Her burial location is currently unknown. Georg Heinrich and Elisabeth Margaretha had the following known children:

i. Johann Bernhardt Unangst

ii. Peter Unangst

iii. Johannes Unangst

iv. Johann Jacob Unangst

v. Valentin Unangst

Note: Plus two children of unknown identity buried near her, as indicated on her tombstone.

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