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Early Kunstman/Kunsman Ancestors

The KUNSTMAN name has many variations, the most popular being KUNSMAN and others are KUNSTMANN, COONSMAN, KUHNSMAN, CONESMAN, KUNZMAN, CUHNSMAN. The immigrant ancestor of the family used the spelling KUNSTMAN, which is evident from his steady and flowing signature on the passenger list of the ship Hope, which arrived in Philadelphia on the 23rd of September 1734. It is not currently known where August Heinrich Kunstman originated. Many family sources state that he was from the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany, however, there is no evidence to prove this statement. What is known is that August Heinrich and his descendants spoke German.

August Heinrich Kunstman
August Heinrich Kunstman Signature

1. August Heinrich first settled in the New Hanover region of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His wife’s name was Hannah, it is unknown whether they were married in America or prior to their immigration. August Heinrich received a warrant for land in “Allemangel” Bucks County in 1749, located in Lynn Township, later Northampton, and now Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It is currently known when or if they removed to this tract of land. August Heinrich and Hannah had the following known children:

i. Daniel Kunstman

ii. Elizabeth Kunstman (m. J. George Sachse)

iii. Martin Kunstman

iv. August Heinrich Kunstman, Jr. (m. Catharina Kolb)

v. Unnamed Kunstman (d.1747)

vi. Johann Chirstoph Kunstman

2. vii. Philip Kunstman

viii. Georg Kunstman

ix. Anna Julianna Kunstman

2. Philip Kunsman was born the 7th of October, 1755 son August Heinrich Kunstman and Hannah. He was born in Pennsylvania, possibly in New Hanover Township or in the surrounding area of upper Montgomery County. His older brothers Daniel, August Heinrich, and Johann Christoph all appear in the confirmation records, through the 1760’s, at Augustus Lutheran Church, in Trappe, Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. At about the age of thirteen, in July 1768, Philip entered into a three year apprenticeship with Michael Ernst to learn the trade of a weaver. Philip later married Elizabeth Ernst, the daughter of his Michael Ernst. They had the following children:

i. Christina Kunsman (b.12 May 1777)

ii. Johann Georg Kunsman (b. 16 April 1778)

iii. Daniel Kunsman (b.6 Feb. 1780)

iv. Michael Kunsman (b.10 March 1782)

v. Henry Kunsman (b. about 1785)

vi. Elizabeth (b. before 1792 - d. unkown) mentioned in

Philip's will where her share of her grandfather’s estate

was to be deducted from her share of her father’s estate

if a challenge arose. Philip was the executor for the

estate of Michael Ernst.

Philip then married Anna Margaretha Hartzel. There are no known children, though some researchers place Elizabeth or John as children of this marriage. She died on the 24th of April 1792 according to the burial records of Rev. John Mann.

Tombstone of Anna Bargara Kunsman, wife of Philip

On the 1st of November, 1796 Philip married Anna Barbara Wildanner, daughter of Johann Georg Wildonger. Anna Barbara was the widow of David Stover (or Stauffer). She was born the 12th of April 1770 in Bucks County, and was fourteen years younger than Philip. They had the following children:

3. vii. John (b. 27 August 1797 - d. 14 April 1864)

viii. George (b. 27 August 1797 - d. died young)

ix. Catharine (b. 11 November 1799 - d. unknown)

x. Thomas (b. 14 July 1801 - d. 11 March 1890)

xi. Susanna (b. 28 December 1803 - d. unknown)

xii. Philip (b. 29 May 1805 - d. 1 March 1884)

xiii. Jacob (b. 17 August 1807 -d. 23 September 1877)

xiv. Rachael (b. 28 June 1810 -d. 26 November 1892)

Philip died on the 23rd of October 1820, probably in Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. It is unknown where he was buried. His widow Anna Barbara died twenty four years later on the 27th of August 1844. She is buried in the St. Luke’s “Old Williams Church” Cemetery, Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

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Tom Kunstman
Tom Kunstman
Feb 21, 2019

Hey Kyle - we spoke long ago as I was just started researching my Kunstmann ancestors. Since I included your information on an email recently, I thought I would give you the benefit of forwarding you the information also. I had fallen off researching when my mom died two years ago, but was recently contacted by a young energetic Kunstmann descendant. Here is what I emailed her today:

From: Thomas R Kunstman (

Wed 2/20/2019 7:06 PM

To:Angie P. Angie, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I was traveling in Cuba for 8 days with very limited internet access, and am just now catching up on my email.  The information from Illinois is very interesting.  I had assumed in…

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